Anaheim Hills Golf Course
April 25th

Be safe everyone!

***Watch Sale***
Joel Ruiz has found 6 LASCMAGA watches hidden away in his closet. These will be for sale for $50 and will becontributed to the Scholarship Fund. Email or talk to Joel at the next tournament.   

***Board Meetings***
The Los Angeles Chapter Board meetings are open to everyone. If you've ever wondered anything about the club you can attend any meeting. Meetings are typically the Thursday prior to tournament, are held at Glendora Country Club and start at 7:30. If you would like to attend a meeting contact Art Barajas Jr. for information.      

***SCGA Membership Renewal***
Your LASCMAGA and SCGA memberships renew yearly on the month you signed up with LASCMAGA. SCGA will send you emails notifying you that is is time to renew your membership. Please disregard these emails, your SCGA membership will be renewed when you renew your LASCMAGA membership. This will prevent you from paying twice for SCGA membership and requiring a reimbursement.

SCMAGA Los Angeles Chapter MAGA Cup
The Los Angeles SCMAGA Cup competition is from November 2020 to October 2021. The winner will be announced at the November 2021 tournament. Leader board, complete standings and scoring system can be found on the MAGA Cup page. Links are below the monthly results on the home page and in the menu. Prizes to be determined.

SCGA has a website to help understand the rules of golf, SCGA Rules Hub.
The USGA has a mobile rules app for both iPhone and Android devices.

2019 Rules of Golf;

Originally established to encourage and expand the participation of Mexican-American golfers in the game, membership is available to all golfers of good character regardless of color, creed, national origin or ethnicity. Among its stated purposes are the encouragement, promotion, creating interest in, and advancing the practice and enjoyment of golf in organized competitive events.