Sun August 25th
8:00 am Shotgun Start

(Not necessary if you signed the sheet at the July tournament)

President's Cup
Trilogy 2019

President's Cup
Net Champion
Johnny Harrington (37 pts)
2nd Place
Andrew Gonzalez (31 pts)
3rd Place
Mike Crowley
(27 pts)

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SCMAGA Los Angeles Chapter MAGA Cup
The Los Angeles SCMAGA Cup competition is from November 2018 to October 2019. The winner will be announced at the November 2019 tournament. Leader board, complete standings and scoring system can be found on the MAGA Cup page. Links are below the monthly results on the home page and in the menu. Prizes to be determined.

SCGA has a website to help understand the rules of golf, SCGA Rules Hub.
The USGA has a mobile rules app for both iPhone and Android devices.

CTPs will be awarded for flights A/B and C/D.

Tournament Cancellation Policy
2019 Rules of Golf 

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