Hole In One Fund is
(as of August 2021)

In 2017 the Los Angeles Chapter started a Hole-In-One Fund. Previously, members were paid $300 for a hole in one from the general fund. Now the minimum amount to be awarded will be $300.

For every player in a tournament, the Tournament Director will move one dollar from the General Fund to the Hole-in-One Fund. The fund will continue to grow until won. If multiple players make a hole in one in the same tournament the fund will be distrubted evenly among the players. After a player wins the hole in one fund the fund will start at $0 and increase by $1 per player per tournament. If someone gets a hole in one before $300 is reached in the fund, they will get $300.

The purpose of the Hole In One Fund is to generate excitement to play for a hole-in-one and add an incentive for players to join our club.

Only LA Chapter MAGA members in good standing are eligible to win. Guests and players from other chapters are not eligible.